Professional Services and Rates  

Please click on the links below for a full list of rates and services available.  Please contact me to set up your free one-hour planning session!


Blog Writing and Content Development

60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers!! And it's no wonder why, as a blog is an excellent way to: 

  • Drive traffic to your site;
  • Track analytics to help target audience; 
  • Build your brand authority; 
  • Offer freebies that customers love; and 
  • Connect and engage your audience

Do you want to add all these great assets to your business, but find that there isn't enough time to create and write insightful and engaging content?

I've built my business model around my passion for educating and engaging through writing, and I would love to help you create a blog, develop content, and even write blog posts catered to your consumer base!  

Research and Professional Writing

These days finding time to create conference proposals, write articles, or conduct research is trumped by growing career demands and well life!  

Do you have a new and innovative idea you want to pitch?  Do you want to advance your career through broader networks?  Or do you want to start a conversation by writing a researched article? 

My graduate degree in the Management of Aging Services and my work experience in both policy and healthcare makes me your go to person to outline, research, or even write your next big idea!   

Need it today? No problem!  Same day services are available for selected projects.

Ghostwriting/e-books/PDF development

It is my firm belief that a good book is the best way to inspire a person.  As the author, you have complete control of the narrative and can influence and inspire your readers for years to come.  

Have an idea for a book?  Or have you already started and found it hard to find the dedicated time it needs to finish?  Contact me to see if ghostwriting is just what you've needed.